Tide pods, urethane rubber, painted cake boxes, fabrics, painted tile, variable dimensions.

Glossy Tide pods - those deadly viral candies for easily influenced millennials- are presented like cake-shaped aspics, waiting for gluttons to consume them. The toxic desserts are like funeral crowns for any curious at heart tempted by the nihilistic yet aesthetic aspect of the Tide Pod Challenge phenomenon.

"Boxed by a high end bakery, Marion Balac’s ‘Babycakes’ fuse together the Latin pastry tradition of the rosca de reyes with the tide pod challenge, symbolising a culinary fusion of old world values and the religiously sacrosanct with millennial nihilism and viral phenomenology. Aesthetically alluring, the tide pod treats play upon hipster bakery fads whilst hinting at a dystopian food future in which pods are the norm." Pita Arreola and Elliott Burns for Off Site Project