How to excel at everything

Video full HD, colour, sound, 23'28''.

In 'How to Excel at Everything', two Pokemon-like friends embark on a journey together to master every skill possible through online tutorials. 

Freely adapted from Flaubert's unfinished book 'Bouvard et Pécuchet' (published posthumously in 1881), 'How to Excel at Everything' explores the dynamics operating in our current era of online self-study and YouTube tutorials. Guided by algorithmic recommendations, B and P try to learn everything without any pedagogical compass, falling into a new rabbit hole everyday. Exploring the thin interstice between online DIY culture and the dismantling of institutional pedagogical structures, 'How to Excel at Everything' translates the gamification of our lives and the rise of self-help culture into a learning odyssey. 


Voiceover : Emily Christine
Dubbing : Ramsey Arnaoot
Original music : Carlos Carbonell
Mixing : Carlos Carbonell
Proofreading : Eva Rowson, Stephen Shull